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The world’s best performing censor: Nikon’s 4K 1,000fps sensor

The world's best performing censor: Nikon's 4K 1,000fps sensor


The world’s best performing censor: Nikon’s 4K 1,000fps sensor

“At the recent International Solid-State Virtual Circuits Conference, Nikon introduced a significant development in stacked CMOS sensor technology. This new sensor designed by Nikon not only offers superior 4K resolution but simultaneously achieves a wide dynamic range and high-speed shooting. Combining these features, it represents the world’s highest levels of image sensor performance.

This new stacked CMOS image sensor uses a fine-pitch wafer-level wire connection technology consistent with the 2.7 um pixel size. Also, it has a total pixel count of approximately 17.8 megapixels that realizes 4K × 4K high-resolution imaging of 1,000 frames per second and 110-dB high dynamic range (HDR) characteristics.

This is one of the widest dynamic ranges in the industry.  As an optical instrument manufacturer, Nikon is also engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge image sensor technology. These efforts build upon Nikon’s optical technology, precision measurement/manufacturing technology, and material technology.”

A new 1-inch sensor was revealed by Nikon that is capable of some pretty impressive specifications. It may be small in scale, but with its characteristics, it surely makes for this, with a whopping 1,000 frames per second at 4K.

The recently revealed Sony A1 can only fire up to 120 frames per second for 4K, to put this in context. This new Nikon sensor, meanwhile, is able to grab more than 8x frames.

The fact that it has a stacked configuration is one of the most fascinating features of this recent 17.84MP 1-inch sensor. Stacked sensors, also at comparatively higher resolutions, effectively make for much faster read-out rates.

In its recent flagship camera systems, for instance, Sony has used a stacked sensor architecture. This architecture is partially why high-resolution cameras with high frame rates, such as the Sony A1, have been able to manufacture it. Nikon seems to be bringing this to a whole new degree, though.

Being able to fire up to 1,000 frames per second would allow users to try some amazing options for slow travel. Not just this, when filming in 4K, the sensor is also capable of the frame rate. This means that, when it comes to cropping and final production resolutions, videographers can have much more freedom.

When recording at 4K 60p, the new 1-inch sensor can also expand the dynamic range to 134db. Users will also have the potential to slow down the video at the frame rate, but will still benefit from the extended dynamic range.

As of now, Nikon has not yet verified the type of camera in which this sensor should be used. Issues related to heat dissipation and data storage, as capable as the sensor might be, may preclude it from being used in a consumer camera. Nonetheless, it’s awesome to see Nikon creating something in such an innovative manner that moves sensor technology forward.

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